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Influence on Government

Throughout its history members of the NSW Women’s Refuge Movement have represented it on government and interagency working groups, steering committees and advisory councils to provide advice and influence policy and legislation. In this manner, the NSW Women’s Refuge Movement has had significant input into improving the overall responses to women and children escaping domestic violence and sexual abuse. The influence our Movement has had on the government sector and community would fill a book of its own.


Lobbied State and Federal
Governments for SAAP Funding

SAAP funding came out of the Women’s Emergency Services Program (WESP). While other states also lobbied to secure 5 year funding under the Crisis Accommodation Assistance Act, NSW and the WRM in particular were the strongest and played a big part in the successful negotiation of funding. For example, the WRM demanded to have input into the funding policies so that we could ensure the funding would be appropriate to our needs.


Lobbied the Department of Housing
to house single women with children

In the early 1970s the Department of Housing (DoH) did not recognize single women with children as a family, and would therefore not house them. The NSW Women’s Refuge Movement lobbied the Department of Housing, including marching in protest, with the result that the DoH definition of what constitutes a family is much broader, allowing single mothers and lesbians etc. be deemed eligible for DoH housing.

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