FECCA biennial conference ‘PURPOSE. LEADERSHIP. PROGRESS: 40 years and beyond’ call for abstracts

The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia’s (FECCA) biennial conference PURPOSE. LEADERSHIP. PROGRESS: 40 years and beyond is taking place in Hobart Tasmania on 9-11 October 2019.

This year they want to hear from new speakers, young people and diverse voices that can articulate the challenges that impact on and issues that are important to people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. FECCA want to hear from people who have a vision to shape our multicultural Australia.

They also want to continue to lead the conversation on important issues by learning from the past, addressing new and emerging issues, and working collaboratively across sectors to find solutions.

One of those issues is how we bridge the gap between multicultural Australia and Australia’s First Nations Peoples. We think this is an important alliance, and that through partnership, both communities can be stronger and more successful in achieving their goals.

We want to hear your bright ideas, innovative and strengths based solutions, and new and emerging issues that need addressing.

Abstract submission closes on Friday 7 June 2019. You can submit your abstract here

Things To Do:
– Speak to your manager about options for you to attend
– Discuss in your team what projects or research you plan to present
– Consider applying for a scholarship
– Save an early bird registration reminder in your diary
– Save a reminder for the abstract closing date in your diary
– Finish that project off so you have some reportable outcomes for your abstract

If you have any questions please contact the Conference Secretariat on 02 9436 0232 or via email at fecca2019@conceptevents.com.au