Prato 2019: Invitation to submit abstracts

The Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science at Swinburne University of Technology & Forensicare invites you to submit abstracts for the upcoming conference – Prato 2019: Working with violence in adults and youth.  

This international conference brings together policy contributors, lawyers, clinicians, legal decision makers, advocates, and researchers to explore the phenomenon of violence from a cross-disciplinary perspective, focusing on clinical, welfare, and legal strategies to explore effective responses to addressing, intervening and preventing violent behaviour. We welcome you to submit abstracts in the form of a paper, symposium or roundtable discussion.

The conference will give particular attention to the following themes:

  • Understanding violence and offending
  • Exploring youth violence and anti-social behaviour
  • Family violence and child welfare
  • Gender and cultural effects
  • Legal reforms for managing violent offending
  • Advances in offending programs and approaches to desistance from violence
  • Mental illness, trauma, personality dysfunction, substance misuse and violence
  • Risk, intervention, diversion and decarceration approaches and policy

The conference will offer considerable opportunity for cross-national dialogue. Keynote speakers, presented papers and roundtable forums will address the conference aims.

Call for abstracts close: 30th May, 2019

Abstract template and submission guidelines can be found HERE

 Visit or email for further information