The Miranda Project – Project Overview and how it can help you

The Miranda Project is a program of the Community Restorative (CRC). CRC provides a range of services to people affected by the criminal justice system with a focus on building pathways outside of the criminal justice system.

Miranda Project is a support program for anyone who identifies as female who have involvement with the criminal justice system who also have histories of or at risk of exposure to family and/or domestic violence.

The aim of the project is to support women to live lives free from violence and free from the criminal justice system. This includes supporting women through diversionary options and reducing reoffending through holistic trauma informed case management. In addition to this we provide engagement in social and recreational activities and safe social space. Which is where the workshops and art programs come in.

We also currently co-case manager with other CRC services such as women’s transition teams (transitioning women from custody into community)  and AOD team (providing outreach AOD counselling).

Miranda has recently moved to Penrith and co-located with you at Penrith Women’s Health Centre.

Miranda’s has quite broad parameters which gives us a lot of flexibility in working with women along the criminal justice continuum. For example we can support women who are:

  • On remand awaiting sentencing
  • On bail awaiting sentencing
  • Serving custodial sentence
  • Serving community sentence of some form
  • On an AVO
  • In community with no current charges or orders but have one of the above in their history
  • At risk of becoming involved in criminal justice system (this could be women who’s lives place them as risk of being charged with an offence)

They can offer the following types of supports:

  • Case management support
  • Social/recreational support

They generally  cover for outreach from Penrith is west to lower Blue Mountains, north to Richmond and Windsor and east to Blacktown.

Miranda is also looking at family and/or domestic violence resources and information and looking how to increase understanding about family and/or domestic particularly with women who are involved in criminal justice system. We will be running focus groups with women in 2019.

If you would like further information and a referral sheet, please contact Marisa here.