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(Please note this information was taken from the Women NSW website)

The NSW Government’s Domestic and Family Violence Framework for Reform, It Stops Here, delivers strategies that put the victim at the centre of the system so they can get the services and support they need.

It Stops Here is the Government's response to the very clear need to ensure the safety of victims and their children is paramount, by strengthening approaches to violence prevention; changing the way services are delivered and supporting victims of violence; and delivering programs and services that hold perpetrators accountable and reduce re-offending.

The overall outcomes of the DFV Framework for Reform (the Framework) are that:

1. domestic and family violence is prevented
2. domestic and family violence is identified early
3. victims are safe and supported to recover
4. perpetrators stop using violence
5. a supported, professional and effective sector is developed.

These outcomes will be achieved through five priority elements:

Element 1: a strategic approach to prevention and early intervention
Element 2: streamlined referral pathways to secure victims’ safety and recovery
Element 3: accessible, flexible, person-centred service responses that make the best use of resources
Element 4: a strong, skilled and capable workforce
Element 5: a strengthened criminal justice system response

Each ‘element’ is supported by a series of key strategies.

While the Framework recognises that the protection of victims and their families is of the utmost importance, it notes that domestic and family violence will not be eliminated unless perpetrators are held accountable and given opportunities to change their behaviour. Initiatives to ensure perpetrators stop using violence will be implemented at both the primary (prevention) levels and tertiary levels via the justice system. The success of these strategies will be dependent on government working closely with a wide range of service providers, community groups, and agencies. Positive outcomes for victims will best be achieved through an integrated, whole-of-community approach to how we understand and respond to domestic and family violence.  

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