No Excuse Campaign

The No Excuse campaign launched in April 2014 highlighted that there are never any valid excuses for domestic and family violence. 

The campaign was a reaction to the violent and tragic deaths of five women and children over the 2014 Easter weekend. 

DVNSW CEO at the time of the campaign launch, Tracy Howe, stated:

“Australia has had a gutful, enough is enough. Too many lives are being lost and there is no excuse for violence against women and children, ever.” 

“Domestic and family violence is killing women and children in horrific numbers. If Australians were dying with this regularity and in these numbers as a result of terrorism, food poisoning, natural disaster or coward punches on the streets, the nation would be united by outrage and grief.” 

“Domestic and family violence is a national outrage. There are no excuses for these murders. It is time for government, non-government and community to acknowledge the horror and to urgently come together to find solutions for this.” 


The campaign consisted of: 

A social media campaign, Excuse a Day which highlighted excuses made by perpetrators of violence.  This social media campaign featuring excuses made by perpetrators of violence. 

The first image launched made reference to a common excuse: “She said she was leaving me and taking my kids”.

Further excuses were released daily and sourced from real comments made in response to domestic violence issues.  Phase two of the campaign was an appeal to Australians to sign an open letter calling on our leaders to recognise domestic and family violence as a national emergency, to strongly condemn the acts of violence and to take urgent action.

It specifically petitioned Prime Minister Tony Abbott to do two things immediately: convene a national crisis summit with heads of the states and territories, lawmakers and experts to tackle this issue head on and personally film an ad declaring the violence an emergency – just like Obama and other world leaders had done.

We collected almost 22,000 online signatures and many more on a paper petition.

Almost 12 months later, the Opposition leader Bill Shorten reiterated our call.

The next phase encouraged supporters of the campaign to download the No Excuse template, personalise it with their own message, promote via social media and display it publicly. You can view a selection of these here.

You can download the NO EXCUSE templates and resources here and graphic campaign content here or contact Mahlie at