Our Ambassadors

Kay Schubach
Kay is an activist and speaker for domestic violence and women’s rights and is the author of the best-selling memoir, Perfect Stranger: A True Story, published by Penguin. She is also a Stage Four Cancer survivor and cancer research fundraiser. She is currently managing a successful art gallery and completing a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics.

Tracey Spicer
Tracey Spicer is a Fairfax columnist, Sky News anchor, radio broadcaster, and opinion writer for The Hoopla website. She is passionate about women's issues, social justice, and work/life balance. However, her favourite job is as mother to two children, 8 year old Taj and 7 year old Grace.

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson isn't just a news breaker; she's a taboo smasher. Time and again the Four Corners star wades into waters other reporters are too timid to enter, and emerges clutching a scoop that dominates the national conversation for weeks.
"She's a one-woman journalistic powerhouse," former ABC foreign correspondent Monica Attard tells Women's Agenda sister site The Power Index. "A lot of very good journalists plod through their careers without everyone eagerly anticipating their next report. Sarah's an exception: we wait for her stories with bated breath."

Kate O’Brien
(young womens rep)
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