The NSW Women's Alliance was established in 2012 by a number of NSW peak organisations and state-wide service providers working within the sexual violence and domestic and family violence fields.

The NSW Women's Alliance brings together a range of agencies with a variety of expertise, knowledge and experience in both responding to and working to prevent violence against women, including DVNSW.

The NSW Women's Alliance meets monthly in Sydney and regularly discusses policy, practice and legislative issues relating to sexual violence, domestic and family violence and child protection.

NSW Women’s Alliance members include:

• Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia (co-convenor)
• Domestic Violence NSW (co-convenor)
• Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service NSW
• Women’s Legal Services NSW
• Women’s Health NSW
• Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women’s Legal Service
• Immigrant Women’s Health Service
• Immigrant Women’s Speakout Association NSW
• Youth Action
• People With Disabilities Australia (NSW)
• ACON Health Ltd (LGBTI)
• Multicultural Disability Association of Australia (NSW