Policy Submissions & Papers

A core part of our work at DVNSW is to contribute to national and state policy relating to domestic and family violence.

In this way, DVNSW contributes to government inquiries and royal commissions through policy submissions:


Submission to the Joint Select Committee on Australia's Family Law System

Submission  to the Australian Government Religious Freedom Bills 


NSWLRC draft proposals for consent in relation to sexual offences

Sexual Harassment 
Together with 100 other organisations we’ve made a joint submission to the Australian Human Rights inquiry into sexual harassment calling for urgent reforms to end sexual harassment in the workplace.

Read the joint statement here

Sexual assault


DVNSW members responded to a survey which formed the basis of our submission to the review of consent in relation to sexual assault offences in NSW.

See the DVNSW submission on consent - June 2018

Family law

Working to ensure the family law system and courts act to protect women and children impacted by domestic and family violence is critical. We therefore made the following submissions relating to family law:


DVNSW Family Law Court Submission - May 2018


DVNSW Family Law Court Submission - May 2017


DVNSW Family Law Court Submission - October 2015

Men's behaviour change


DVNSW worked with No To Violence and the Men's Behaviour Change Network in developing our response to the draft MBC Standards.

DVNSW submission on draft Men's Behaviour Change Standards - July 2017


DVNSW contributed to the Review of Minimum Standards and Development of the Men’s Behaviour Change sector in NSW.

DVNSW MBC submission July 2016



DVNSW contributed to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal NSW review of Social and Affordable Housing Rent Models.

IPART DVNSW Submission Social and Affordable Housing Rent Models - November 2016


Child protection

Ensuring the safety and well-being of children is a core part of domestic and family violence policy and practice.

Our comments to the NSW Government's inquiry into child protection can be downloaded here:

Inquiry into Child Protection - July 2016

Together with other community peak bodies, DVNSW issued a letter to the Premier demonstrating the need for an urgent overhaul of the way NSW provides services to young people who are vulnerable and at risk:

Joint Community Peak Bodies Statement on Tune Review, Ombudsman Report and Fams Report: Time to act for the Protection of Vulnerable Children - July 2018

Perpetrators / justice policy


DVNSW contributed to the NSW Department of Justice’s review of the NSW Domestic Violence Justice Strategy (2013-2017).

DVNSW submission DVJS - June 2018


The safety of victim-survivors is of the utmost importance to DVNSW. This means holding perpetrators to account and targeting high risk offenders. DVNSW contributed to the NSW government’s proposals for interventions with high risk domestic violence offenders:

DVNSW submission interventions for higher risk offenders - January 2016


The leading cause of homelessness is domestic and family violence. Consequently, a significant element of our work relates to improving policies relating to homelessness.


DVNSW submitted the following relating to the Homelessness Strategy in 2016:

DVNSW Homelessness Strategy submission - November 2016

Women NSW

DVNSW drafted a submission to contribute to the creation of the NSW Domestic and Family Violence Blueprint for Reform 2016-2021: Safer Lives for Women, Men and Children - August 2016. This paper sets out the directions and actions to reform the domestic violence system in NSW over the next five years.

DVNSW Blueprint for Reform Submission - February 2016

DVNSW also submitted a response through the NSW Women's Alliance:

Blueprint submission - NSW Women's Alliance - February 2016 

NGO benchmarking

DVNSW submitted comments regarding the Social Innovation Council’s NGO Benchmarking Model.

NGO Benchmarking March 1 2017