1 more day to vote! The Good Practice Awards hosted by Homelessness NSW

These Awards recognise the depth of skill and expertise of sector staff and services in supporting those at risk of or experiencing homelessness, and their continued dedication and hard work in a constrained resource environment. They are a response to sector calls for greater recognition and opportunities for information sharing about good practice. They provide you a rare opportunity to celebrate your achievements and to recognise the exceptional work that sector staff peers and services have accomplished.

We are currently seeking nominations for the 2019/20 Good Practice Awards. Recent months have been especially challenging for our sector, particularly because of the devastating effect the drought and fires are having on so many communities. There is an even greater need to celebrate the excellent work achieved within the sector despite the trying circumstances. The Awards provide us an opportunity to enjoy some good news and share a positive night. Make your peers feel appreciated, nominate them!

Nominate by clicking here! The form is quick and simple. You only will need to provide the name of the person/organisation/program/activity/partnership you are nominating and a 1-2 paragraph summary describing why this nominee deserves the award.

Key dates:
– nominations are open from 18 November 2019 – 31 January 2020
– voting will be open from 6 February – 20 February 2020
– the Awards will be announced at the Homelessness NSW Conference Dinner on February 27 2020

Award categories 2019/20:
– Excellence in ending homelessness ─ adults
– Excellence in ending homelessness ─ domestic and family violence
– Excellence in ending homelessness ─ groups with specific needs (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, CALD, LGBTI+)
– Excellence in ending homelessness ─ young people
– Leading Aboriginal practitioner award
– Leading practitioner award
– Consumer achievement award
– Lifetime achievement award

  • Frequently asked questions:
  • all submissions of complete nomination forms will become official nominees, listed on our website and publicised through our sector bulletin
  • respondents can change their answers on any survey page until they complete and submit the nomination form
  • you can make multiple nominations across all award categories as long as there is a complete nomination form for each nominee
  • you are able to nominate yourself
  • the ‘Excellence’ awards category (the four awards listed first) invite nominations of either a program, activity or partnership
  • the remaining four awards (the last four awards listed) invite nominations of individuals only
  • when voting opens on 6 February 2020, SHS staff are entitled to one vote for each award category