AWAVA’s Family Law Inquiry Update

AWAVA recently sent this update through regarding the Family Law inquiry:

‘As you may know, the Andrews-Hanson parliamentary inquiry into family law is going ahead against the advice of those working to support victims/survivors of violence. You can read our Joint Statement (with Fair Agenda and over 100+ signatories) here.

AWAVA and our allies are continuing to advocate for immediate action to make the  family law system safe for children and adult  victims/survivors of family violence, as well as steps to minimise the negative impact of the inquiry itself on victims/survivors.

The Inquiry is currently calling for submissions (closing 18 Dec 2019 – we have asked for this timeframe to be made longer but at this stage this is the closing date).

AWAVA will make a submission to try to counter some of the misinformation that is being perpetuated through the inquiry process, and to reiterate our calls for action to make the system safer drawing on the recommendations of previous reviews and inquiries.

We know that some people and organisations in our network are also thinking of making a submission, and we plan to support this work with templates and resources to be provided over the next week or so.

It is important that the inquiry consider the perspectives of victims/survivors and the organisations working to support them. However, we understand that some people and organisations may not be in a position to engage with the inquiry.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss making a submission, or have input you would like to share to inform AWAVA’s work in this area. You can email the AWAVA Program Manager Merrindahl Andrew via’