Insight Exchange – Introducing My Safety Kit and lived experience narratives

New Voices of Insight

Insight Exchange have published three new lived experience insights since our last update. Each of these narratives holds significant value and reveals the way these individuals resisted violence and abuse and experienced a range of helpful, unhelpful and harmful social responses.

  • Maya“He’s bound to be upset”
  • MelissaHis biggest threat was “I will take the children”
  • Sandra “You’ve got to realise you have duties here

New resource: My Safety Kit

My Safety Kit is a new resource designed to support the reflections of people who are, or may be, experiencing Domestic and Family Violence.

A really big thanks to all who contributed to the feedback My Safety Kit (Prototype 1.0) The feedback report is now live and has informed My Safety Kit (Prototype 1.1).

Insight Exchange also have a national, commonwealth funded organisation testing its value with its employees. This feedback, and feedback from other readers will inform future editions.

The link for providing feedback about Prototype 1.1 is on the back cover of My Safety Kit as an opportunity for any reader.

About Value

Since the inception of Insight Exchange in Nov 2017 to the end of June 2019, the following reach and influence has been achieved:

  • Provision of 16 awareness raising and learning events and opportunities with reach to individuals across 179 contexts.
  • 3,982 downloads from the Insight Exchange digital platform.
  • 2,218 copies of Follow My Lead shared.
  • 623 copies of the Voices of Resistance narratives shared.
  • 70 downloads of the Voices of Insight.
  • 142 downloads of Voices of Reflection.
  • Video viewings have steadily climbed and in seven months there have been 563 views of the Masterclass on Language and Violence
  • The number of users of Insight Exchange has increased across the state, nationally and internationally.

This is the direction IE hoped the work would take in terms of widening access to ideas beyond traditional sector and funding boundaries, however the true measure rests in what these ideas hold in practice – the real world, real interactions and conversations. In the chapter ahead we hope to be in touch with a number of people (who have given consent to be contacted) who have accessed Insight Exchange initiatives to ask “what value (if any) does Insight Exchange hold?”. They are looking to understand:

  1. What value (if any) does Insight Exchange hold for individual participants with lived experience of violence?
  2. What value (if any) does engagement in Insight Exchange hold for social responders across contexts?

Read more in our Insight Exchange engagement report.

Sustaining the work of Insight Exchange:

If you, or someone you know, is keen to keep this work alive to support the good work of others, please visit this donate page. The match funding opportunity remains in place and we welcome the support to see this initiative securely sustained to support the shared work.


The update in this email is also hosted in Insight Exchange Update 08