Insight Exchange – New Resources Available!

The Insight Exchange team has recently published a new narrative within the Voices of Insight section of Insight Exchange.  Read the newly published insights of “Bec” who experienced violence and abuse in her childhood and subsequently from two husbands across geographies and in different contexts.


New resource – Workplace Kit
A new Insights Paper  has been released which gives voice to people’s experiences and perceptions of workplace responses to domestic and family violence (DFV).  The paper forms part of the Workplace Kit for understanding and responding to domestic and family violence. The kit includes:

  • The Insights Paper: Experiences and perceptions of workplace responses to DFV
  • Follow My Lead – an awareness raising resource for anyone who may be listening to and responding to a person experiencing DFV
  • My Safety Kit – a resource for anyone who may be reflecting on their own relationships and (possible) experiences of DFV.

The Kit is available on the Workplace Responses page of the Insight Exchange website. A summary of results from the Insights Paper were presented at the launch event in Sydney in February 2020.  46 individuals from 27 organisations attended the launch and you can read feedback about the presentation, from people who attended.

Social Action – influencing change

To honour the generosity of people with lived experience of violence who shared their insights, and in an effort to uplift the responses for people needing support today, The Insight team is keen to distribute the workplace kit broadly and deeply across Australia’s small, medium and large workplaces: From corporates to government and community led organisations. If you can assist with these efforts in some way please:

  • Take the initiative directly to forward the Workplace Kit to leaders who can drive change
  • Get in touch with the Insight team to support with your time, contacts or resources to assist with distribution.


NOTE: This email update is also hosted in the Insight Exchange Update 10 on Insight Exchange.