The HUB newsletter: The homelessness peaks response

As you are aware, the three homelessness peaks have been raising issues regarding the Outcomes Based Commissioning approach and manage the ASES Pilot – which has identified a number of areas of consideration that FACS needs to work through in the implementation of the ASES.  We have raised these with FACS on a number of occasions and will continue to do so.

The three homelessness peaks are meeting with Minister Ward on May 20 and will be highlighting the upcoming recontracting process and the need for careful consideration of the implications and risks related to Outcomes Based Commissioning.

The three homelessness peaks have also identified via the ASES Pilot a number of resource and support requirements to better support organisations in implementing the ASES and will be highlighting these with the Minister and FACS as well.

We were not consulted in the development of the newsletter and the ASES information is not easy to understand – something else we have asked FACS to clarify.

You can view the newsletter here