The NSW Health, Education Centre Against Violence (ECAV) – Statement of Attainment in working in men’s DFV survey

Who is conducting this survey?

The NSW Health, Education Centre Against Violence (ECAV) is conducting this survey. They currently offer a Nationally Accredited Graduate Certificate Qualification for NSW Men’s Behaviour Change Program Workers which consists of 9 Unit of Competencies.


Purpose of this survey

The main purpose of this survey is to gauge your interest in completing a Statement of Attainment (Industry Skills Set) in Working in Men’s Domestic and Family Violence Interventions to provide foundational skills and knowledge in this area.  This would be established as an Early Exit option from this Graduate Certificate consisting of 5 of the 9 Units of Competencies, and would like to seek your consultation on this.


Who have been asked to take part in the survey?

Domestic Family Violence workers who have direct or indirect contact or engagement with the perpetrators of DFV in their primary work with the victim-survivors of DFV.


Your privacy and confidentiality?

All your information, including your response to the specific questions will remain confidential. This survey does not require you to provide personal information such as name, organisation you work or your address. Your responses will be retrieved from the survey software automatically and then be analysed anonymously. The data gathered will be used by ECAV for training course development purpose only.


Timeframe Monday 10 February to Friday 21 February 2020


Online Survey- Just click on this link, your time in completing this survey is greatly appreciated.