Women’s Legal Services – new five-step plan for safety first in family law

Rosie Batty and Women’s Legal Services Australia have recently launched a new 5 step plan for reform, Safety First in Family Law.

The Safety First plan, which includes 5 recommendations for reforming the family law system, can be implemented right now, and is based on research evidence and key recommendations from previous family law inquiries.

Nearly 70 percent of matters lodged in the family courts involve allegations of family violence. The system is not set up to deal with this.

They are calling on the government to show its commitment to ending violence against women. One step to achieving this is by implementing this reform plan.

Safety First: Five changes that need to happen NOW to make the family law system safer 

  • Strengthen family violence response in the family law system
  • Provide effective legal help for the most disadvantaged
  • Ensure family law professionals have real understanding of family violence
  • Increase access to safe dispute resolution models
  • Overcome the gaps between the family law, family violence and child protection systems

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The Safety First plan is available here.  Further information is available here.

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If your organisation would like to endorse the plan, please email Liz at: Liz.Snell@wlsnsw.org.au

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