Donate goods

Most of our services also have agreements with local charities and support services to provide donated goods to their clients directly. Due to financial and human resource constraints, we are unable to distribute small donations throughout the year.

Every Christmas we run a coordinated drive to provide women and children living in refuges gifts they may be unable to afford themselves.

Domestic Violence NSW has received generous support from many corporate partners in the past and we are always looking for more corporate donations to add to the Christmas drive.

We ask for gifts to be:

- Brand new (we never take any used goods)
- Unwrapped
- Within a similar price range
- Appropriate for babies, children and teenagers
- Appropriate for single women as well as mothers
- Able to be used within a refuge or safe house environment

We do not provide gifts to children that can be used as weapons or resemble weapons of any nature.

To talk to us about a Christmas goods donation, please contact or call 02 9698 9777.