The NSW government has the following policies, strategies and plans in place to address DFV:

Women NSW

It Stops Here
These reforms aim to improve the way government agencies and non-government organisations respond to and prevent domestic and family violence across NSW.

NSW Domestic and Family Violence Blueprint for Reform 2016-2021: Safer Lives for Women, Men and Children
The Blueprint sets out the directions and actions to reform the domestic violence system in NSW over the five years 2016-2021.

The Blueprint provides the framework for building an effective system that addresses the causes and responds to the symptoms of domestic and family violence.

It includes strategies to prevent domestic and family violence, intervene early with individual and communities at risk, support victims, hold perpetrators to account, and improve the quality of services and the system as a whole.

NSW Domestic and Family Violence Prevention and Early Intervention Strategy 2017-2021
Sets out a direction for the way NSW Government agencies, non-government organisations and communities, design and implement prevention and early intervention strategies over the four years 2017-2021.

NSW Sexual Assault Strategy
The NSW Government is developing a NSW Sexual Assault Strategy to improve prevention and response to sexual assault and sexual violence in NSW.

Family and Community Services (FACS)

Specialist Homelessness Services
This program is the primary NSW government response to homelessness and supports people who are experiencing, or are at risk of homelessness.

More information about FACS responses to DFV and homelessness:

Domestic Violence and Homelessness
A list of initiatives that aim to prevent people experiencing domestic and family violence from becoming homeless, including Start Safely and Staying Home Leaving Violence.

Domestic and Family Violence Policy Statement
FACS Housing's commitment to improving access to accommodation for those experiencing domestic and family violence.

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS)
The DVDS enables a person who has concerns about their partner, or a third party who has concerns about a person's partner, to find out if that partner has a history of domestic violence and related offences.

The NSW Domestic Violence Justice Strategy

An operational framework that outlines the approaches and standards justice agencies in NSW will adopt to improve the criminal justice system’s response to domestic violence. Its objectives are to make victims safer, hold perpetrators accountable and prevent domestic violence from reoccurring.

It Stops Here Safer Pathway

Safer Pathway reflects a shared commitment to the safety of victims of domestic and family violence through multi-agency collaboration, integrated service provision and information sharing. Through Safer Pathway, the right services are provided to victims when they need them, in a coordinated way.

Minimum Standards for Men's Behaviour Change Programs

The objective of the Minimum Standards is to ensure that all programs in NSW reflect good practice and are safe and effective in changing the behaviour of perpetrators of domestic violence.


The Commonwealth government’s work on reducing DFV comes under the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022 

Released in 2011, the National Plan explains what the Commonwealth, state and territory governments are doing to reduce violence against women and their children.

The plan includes references to the First, Second and Third Action Plans.