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This webpage supports DFV services to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing a range of up-to-date resources to help.  Resources are set out under topics that include links to useful documents developed by NSW Government departments and non-government organisations.

As the peak body representing specialist DFV services across NSW, we are also available to help with specific, COVID-related queries.  You can contact us at


For services that receive funding from the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ), the following resources have been collated to help meet Covid Management Plan contract requirements. These resources may also be useful for services that do not receive DCJ funding but are looking to develop their own Covid Management Plan.

DCJ commissioned the consultancy, Rebbeck, to develop guidance on COVID risk assessments and COVID Management Plans for all DCJ-funded service providers. The Model COVID19 Management Plan Templates and resources for services is a simple one stop shop:

Additional COVID-related resources can be found below.

COVID Safety Plans

This COVID-19 Safety Plan guidance was produced for general practices and primary health service providers but may also provide useful guidance for services in other sectors:

COVID Management Plans

DCJ comprehensive written guidance for DCJ service providers preparing COVID-19 Management
Plans (this is part of the Rebbeck consultancy guidance noted above):

DCJ training webinars and accompanying slide packs to support DCJ service providers in preparing COVID-19 Management Plans:

DCJ COVID-19 Guidelines for SHS and Residential Out-of-Home Care Settings: Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) and Residential Out-of-home Care (OOHC) COVID-19 guidelines

Australian Children’s Welfare Agencies (ACWA) factsheets and training materials that support the COVID-19 Guidelines for Residential Out-of-Home Care Settings:

Risk Assessment

DCJ COVID-19 risk assessment template for all DCJ service providers:

DCJ COVID-19 risk assessment template developed at the District-level for housing and child protection services:

NSW Council Of Social Services (NCOSS) risk assessment resources:

Vaccination Policies

DCJ COVID-19 management and vaccination policy for DCJ service providers:

DCJ COVID-19 management and vaccination policy for its own locations and worksites:

Local Community Services Association (LCSA) Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy template:

Local Community Services Association (LCSA) COVID-19 Safety Policy template:

Additional resources to support and manage vaccination policy implementation

NCOSS COVID-19 Vax Risk Assessment Toolkit:

NCOSS Guide to Vax Risk Assessment:

NCOSS attachment to the Vax Risk Assessment Guide:

NCOSS Vax Risk Assessment Worksheet:

Justice Connect, legal information about managing vaccinations in the workplace:

Business Continuity plans

Institute of Community Directors Australia guidance:

NSW Health factsheet:


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) resources

DCJ PPE Matrix describing which equipment to use in which situations:

DCJ, Personal Protective Equipment Quick Reference Guide:

NSW Government list of PPE suppliers for organisations during the pandemic.

General office / service use

COVID-19 posters and signage for the workplace:

COVID Road Map

DCJ NGO Guide to Recovery detailing staged approach to reopening after lockdown:

NSW Government, information on restrictions easing at 95% vaccination or on 15 December:


DVNSW Wellbeing Webinar

NSW Health, COVID-19 mental health at work resource kit:

NSW Government, Workplace Pulse Check:

Homelessness NSW, workforce safety and wellbeing resources:

Homelessness NSW, workforce safety and wellbeing for managers resources:

Homelessness NSW, supporting client wellbeing during COVID-19 resources:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) information

Access to DCJ Employee Assistance Program for staff of DCJ service providers:

Registration for access to DCJ EAP:

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