What is voices for change?

Voices for Change was DVNSW’s first lived experience project aimed at bringing an end to domestic, family and sexual violence through media advocacy.

Launched in November 2018, Voices for Change grew from one group of survivor advocates to three (a regional group based in Wollongong and a specific group focused on LBGT relationships) with the objective of shifting community attitudes held on violent relationships. Through curated and trusted relationships with journalists, television produces, politicians and writers, our Voices for Change advocates have participated in over 39 media opportunities and have met with NSW Government to advise on changes that are required to ensure NSW is a safe place for people and their families. 

Thanks to seed funding from Our Watch, financial support from the Commonwealth Bank and other donations from a number of partner organisations in NSW, Voices for Change was able to operate until July 2020. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful advocates who have been part of Voices for Change to date. It’s because of their voices that we are starting to see a specific shift in reporting on violence within our media’s narrative.

In July 2021, DVNSW released the Voices for Change report, which outlined the positive impacts of the Voices for Change program and how it worked towards bringing an end to domestic, family and sexual violence through survivor media advocacy.

Read the report here.


  • To empower and support women who have experienced domestic violence, allowing them to speak out and lobby for change
  • To support media in accurate reporting of domestic and family violence with the opportunity to provide information and education on the reasons behind violence against women (gender inequality, rigid stereotypes)
  • To contribute to changing community attitudes and behaviours towards violence against women



To inform DVNSW’s Voices for Change project, we used the below helpful resources to advice journalists and advocates around best practice reporting and story telling.